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Sunless Smarts

New to spray tanning? No worries! Learn about all things sunless here!

The Skinny


Most solutions have cosmetic bronzer in them. This enables you to leave with instant gratification. Clear solutions are also available upon request. The bronzer will have to be left on for a minimum of 8 hours before you can rinse it off, or for 1 to 3 hours when choosing the rapid tan. The bronzer will rub off on clothing but it is water soluble so washes out of most clothing. The bronzer may drip, smudge, smear or run from time to time. This is normal and should rinse away in the shower, revealing a nice, smooth, even tan underneath. Do not touch your skin, especially while it is still wet! The bronzer will stain the palms of your hands. If you are getting sprayed near bedtime keep in mind that you do not want to touch yourself in your sleep. Also be careful when drying off and getting dressed after your spray to not get the bronzer on your palms. If you do not want to have bronzer on you for the full 8 hours I would suggest the Rapid Tan, which allows you to rinse off after 1-4 hours.

The 8 hours

You cannot get wet for a minimum of 8 hours. Your tan will not develop immediately, and takes time to start to show up, hence the bronzers. During this time you will get darker as it develops. After you wash the bronzer away it will reveal your new tan. Your tan will continue to develop for the next 24 hours and will be at its peak and looking its best on the 2nd day. When getting a tan for a special event, plan your tan for 2 days ahead. Can't wait the full 8 hours to rinse? Try the Rapid tan, perfect for those on the go!


You will want to exfoliate at least 24 hours before getting sprayed. This will help your skin to be fresh and ready to hold the color. You will also want to exfoliate 4 to 5 days after your spray to prevent scaly, spotty-looking skin and uneven fading. For best results use a good pair of exfoliating gloves or cloth when in the shower. Continue to exfoliate daily until your tan has faded evenly. Once your tan has disappeared you will be ready for a new one!

How to Prepare and Arrive

   ~ You will want to shower a minimum of two hours before your spray tan. Do NOT shower right before coming or you risk your skin being water logged, this will dilute the solution which could result in the solution not sticking when applied to your skin. 

     ~ Exfoliate at least 24 hours before your spray so that the solutions hold onto your freshly exfoliated skin.

     ~ You will not want to have any lotion, sunscreen, deodorant or makeup on when getting sprayed. These will act as barriers and sometimes will even turn you a strange tint of green for at least an hour after your spray. Nobody wants to turn green, so avoid lotion the day of your spray. You may apply lotion to dry areas of your skin such as knees, elbows, hands and feet. Do NOT apply anywhere else though in order to receive the smoothest tan possible.

How long does it last

Typically, a spray tan will last 7-14 days. It varies from person to person depending on your everyday activities. If you are a runner or spend a lot of time in the gym sweating it will fade a little faster. Same with swimming. If you moisturize morning & evening you could get a week, maybe even two, with your tan. Moisturizing with an all-natural or organic lotion daily will increase the length of your tan. Keep your body hydrated from the inside out. Drink your water. I do provide all natural tan extend lotions for purchase, which are great for giving your tan that extra longevity. The more hydrated your skin and body stays, the longer your tan will last. I cannot stress enough how important a GOOD natural based lotion is for caring for your tan! 

How often
should I
spray tan

You can come every week to every other week if you want to keep your tan all year long. Just make sure you read up on exfoliating and moisturizing if you do in order to keep your tan looking as natural as possible. Or come in only when needed for special events! It's totally up to you.

What do
I wear

Wear whatever you feel most comfortable in. Women may go in the buff. Keep in mind you will want dark loose-fitting clothing to wear home afterwards. Some solution may end up on clothing. However, our solutions are water soluble and wash out of most clothing. Do NOT wear WHITE the day of your spray! 

Will I

No. Orange is what happens when you stray too far away from your natural skin tone. I suggest that you start with a light shade. You can always try a darker one next time. If you stay in your skin tone range you will have a beautiful, natural-looking glow. I will always help you decide which shade will work best for you.


* Come as clean as possible the day of your spray (not lotion on etc.)

* Wear dark, loose fitting clothes to go home in.

* Stay dry for at least 8 hours after your spray.

* Do not touch your skin with bronzer on and protect your palms.

* Baby your skin for the first shower by only rinsing off with a gentle warm water rinse.

* Moisturize well every day with an all-natural lotion to prolong the length of your tan.

* Use sulfate-free washes in the shower to reduce stripping away your color.

* Exfoliate by your fourth shower 

* To keep your tan all year long, book a spray each week to every two weeks.

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